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The King Maker Trilogy

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FBI Agent Ryan Stone Series

Trilogy Encore
Ryan Stone Book 1
Trilogy Encore
Ryan Stone Book 2
Ryan Stone Book 3

Sugar & Spice
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Trilogy Book 1



Fast forwarding twenty-one years from the last major foreign attack on American soil, the world is again horrified as another major terrorist attack on this country results in thousands of deaths. 


Not feeling comfortable with his intelligence agencies, President Bill McPherson calls upon his longtime friend, Secret Service agent Jason Williams, to help identify who is behind this horrible event. 


What Jason uncovers is a subversive group known as The Knights of Freedom within our nation’s capital with plans to split the nation and create a second country within the physical boundaries of the United States.  It would be known as the United Southern States of America.


Can Jason identify who is responsible for this terrorist attack?  Can he balance his loyalty to the President, bring an end to The Knights of Freedom, and most importantly, protect his family?

Trilogy Book 2



Three years ago, Jason Williams exposed The Knights of Freedom to the world.  Fearing for his life and the lives of his family, he and his ex-wife, Christine, faked their deaths and went into exile inside Cuba. 


After being betrayed by someone close to him, The Knights of Freedom retaliated against them in an act of ungodly vengeance.  With Jason out of the way, The Knights of Freedom took the final steps to implement their plan of creating a new nation WITHIN the borders of the United States of America. 


Can America be saved from The Knights of Freedom?  Could Jason recover from the depths of hell, and put an end to this subversive group bent on destroying our nation as we know it?  


Will his loyalty and friendships cloud his judgment as he decides who will live and who will die?  Is he willing to trade his life to save someone close to him? 

Trilogy Book 3



The subversive political group known as The Knights of Freedom were able to modify the U.S. Constitution and physically complete their split of America into two countries. 


Civil war took over the streets of both countries.  Large cities became war zones.  Hatred prevailed everywhere.  Both countries were losing control as basic services became non-existent. 


With the White House destroyed, one government set up operations from Camp David while the new nation established its capital in Nashville, Tennessee.  To make matters worse, Islamic terrorism added to the mayhem. 


Would this be the final nail in America’s coffin?  Could the country recover from the disaster it brought upon itself?  Could it rebuild into a nation that was truly for the people, by the people?   


With our hero’s hopes and dreams destroyed, could THE KING MAKER fight through his despair and find true love and happiness again?

Trilogy Encore:    Ryan Stone Series  Book 1


It’s the 25th anniversary of 9/11 and Islamic Terrorist Josef Al-Hakim’s recent EAST COAST drone attacks in Boston, Washington D.C., and at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center have left thousands dead and America in a panic. FBI Agent Ryan Stone, who failed to apprehend Al-Hakim at a Florida Mosque a few months ago, is being given one more chance to prove his worth to the Bureau. With his career on the line, he knows he must do whatever it takes to capture this madman. With the backing of the Syrian government, Josef Al-Hakim is now preparing to release dozens of high-tech drones that will cause a major bacterial OUTBREAK on the WESTERN portion of America. Will the country avert further disaster? Will Josef Al-Hakim finally be brought to justice? Can Ryan’s reputation be saved?

Trilogy Encore:    Ryan Stone Series   Book 2


Book 2 in the Ryan Stone series is about the FBI's search for a 9 year old kidnapped girl hidden inside a child sex trafficking ring.  Hannah Horowitz, head of the FBI’s Terrorist Response Unit, was being honored at a ceremony for her teams’ capture of America’s most wanted terrorist, Josef Al-Hakim. During the ceremony, she received a text from Josef’s mentor, the Imam Khalid.  The text read:

“You reneged on our agreement to not capture our brethren, so we had to do what we told you we would do. 

We have kidnapped your granddaughter, Rachel, and she is now our cherished collateral.” 


When the Imam turned Hannah's granddaughter Rachel over to SA-13, a group known for its human-trafficking of young children, FBI Agent Ryan Stone was ordered to go undercover into their world and recover her.  He soon became part of the seedy motel scene, full of politics, drugs, and prostitutes.   


After two months undercover, Ryan was able to track Rachel to Washington D.C. where he discovered the secret motives behind the kidnapping.



Ryan Stone spent two years recovering from his last assignment with the FBI.  He hit rock bottom after being terminated by the Bureau for conduct unbecoming a Federal Agent.  

Now two years sober with a family of his own, Ryan began to climb up from the gutter he fell into.  With the help of his brother, Ryan found work in Washington D.C. at a small P/I firm. 

One night, while investigating an old 9/11 claim cold-case for the P/I firm, Ryan made a discovery that if true, would change what everyone was told about the attack on the World Trade Center.  Ryan Stone knew this was a high-stakes discovery that if exposed, could bring down our democracy and could bring an end to his new life, along with the lives of his family. 

Why was the World Trade Center attacked?  Who was really involved?  If Ryan pursued a search for the truth, would the FBI want to reinstate him or kill him?


The Adventures of Sugar and Spice


This children's book (ages 5-9), is about Sugar and Spice, two cute Shi-Tzu dogs.  They are 7-year old twins (Brother and Sister).  They have lots of friends and get involved in lots of adventures.  Book-1 of the series involves their best friend Niki.  He's a snowbird and as the summer months approach in Florida, his mom takes him back home to Michigan.


Sugar and Spice don't understand where he went, and when they finally find out, they create a plan to go visit him.  Lessons are learned in this 48 page, large text, colorfully illustrated story of friendship, love and truthfulness

The Adventures of Sugar and Spice


Sugar and Spice find out they have three cousins, two cats and a dog.  When they hear they are going to visit their cousins, they learn that the Easter Bunny will also be coming there to hide Easter eggs.  They were told at the dog park that there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny, so they devise a plan to find out for themselves what the truth is.  This is another 48 page, large text, colorfully illustrated story of friendship, love and lesson's learned.

The Adventures of Sugar and Spice


It's Christmas Eve and the dogs at the Dog Park are preparing for the holiday.  To get into the spirit of Christmas, they plan to go to the mall and shop for presents.  They also plan to decorate their dog park and put together a group of dogs to sing Christmas Carols later that evening.  Unfortunately, Spice does something naughty, and Santa Claus must decide whether to forgive her or not?  Will she learn her lesson?  Will the twins get presents for Christmas, or coal in their stockings?

The Adventures of Sugar and Spice

A Day at the Groomers

On the 1st of every month, the dogs from the Dog Park go to the groomers.  This month, they decided to have a contest to see which groomer is the best.  As their two favorite groomers prepare to make the fur-babies beautiful, mayhem breaks out at one of the groomers and the dogs learn an important lesson about bullying.  They also learn that it is more important to be nice than to make fun of another dog. 



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Ben Reinhart was born in 1943 in Brooklyn New York where he lived for the first half-a-dozen years of his life.  At seven, he moved with his parents to Southern California, living there until he was almost sixteen.  He returned to New York and graduated high school at seventeen at which time he immediately joined the Navy to see the world.  As part of his enlistment agreement, he was sent to meteorological training in Lakehurst, NJ. 

While in the Navy, he spent two years in Iceland as an upper-air analyst plotting and tracking upper winds, temperatures and the northern lights.  His reward for being in a land with six months day and six months night was to serve his final year in the Navy on board America's "Presidential Command ship", whose only purpose was to escort the POTUS out of the country in case of nuclear attack.  This was his first exposure to a high level government command center.


At the end of his four years in the Navy, he returned to New York and attended college at the Pace School of Business, under the G/I Bill, where he studied Computer Science and Business Accounting.  His technical and financial background landed him in Washington D.C. where he worked on the development of America's most ambitious online stock trading system, the NASDAQ. 


It was the early seventies and during that time, he also worked with a government team to automate a campaign contribution system for an up-and-coming presidential candidate who will not be named.  Ben eventually left this highly political, fast paced and demanding environment and moved his family to South Florida where he continued his information technology and accounting career.  Ben retired in 2016.  


That's  when he finally had the time to work on his second love, writing.  With the help of his writing team, he produced his first book, "The King Maker".  The reviews from this effort were extremely positive.  After only a month in the hands of the general public, he was hearing comments like "great read, relevant to today's world, this could happen here, a protagonist we can believe in, etc.".


The King Maker is the first book of a trilogy, created to examine the emotions of love, loyalty and trust.  The three-book story takes place over a six year period, and encompasses the good, bad and ugly of american politics.  His trilogy tells the story of politicians putting personal greed over the best interests of the american people.  It also explores how love between two people is the reason for living, and that it's worth dying for.




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Ryan Stone Book 3

NEW Adventures of Sugar & Spice