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B A C K -  C O V E R S



Book 1



Twenty-one years ago, the world was stunned by a terrorist attack at the World Trade Center in New York City. An attack that resulted in almost 3,000 deaths.


Now the world is horrified again, as another terrorist attack has occurred, this time in South Florida, with a death toll far beyond what happened on 9/11.


Opponents of the current President, Bill McPherson, are painting a picture of him as indecisive and weak when it comes to terrorism.


Not feeling comfortable with his intelligence agencies, President McPherson calls his longtime friend and current secret service agent, Jason Williams, to help identify who is to blame for this attack on the American people.


What Jason uncovers is an unexpected relationship between the Cuban Government and the Syrian New Muslim World Order.


In addition, he uncovers the existence of a subversive group within our nation’s capital that plans to take control of our government. This group will stop at nothing to remove any road block jeopardizing their goal, and Jason is clearly the biggest obstacle in their way.


As he tries to press the “re-do” button on his failed marriage and bring his family back together again, he puts his life and the lives of his family in eminent danger. Now, Jason must find a way to balance his loyalty to the President, his country, and most importantly, his family.

Book 2



Three years ago, secret service agent Jason Williams, while working on special assignment for the President of the United States, uncovered and exposed a deadly and subversive political group within the U.S. known as The Knights of Freedom. Fearing for his life and those of his family, he and his ex-wife Christine faked their death’s and went into exile inside Cuba.


Betrayed by a family member, The Knights of Freedom discovered that Jason was still alive and retaliated against him in an act of ungodly vengeance. With Jason out of the way, The Knights of Freedom were free to create a new union of southern states intent on reclaiming the ideals of the original South. Unknown to the KOF, the New Muslim World Order (NMWO) was buried deep within their organization, ready to establish their own Caliphate within the borders of the United States.


Can Jason recover from the depths of hell, and put an end to these subversive groups bent on destroying our nation as we know it? Will loyalty and friendships cloud his judgment as he decides who will live and who will die? Is he willing to trade his life to save someone close to him?

Book 3



When a subversive political group known as The Knights of Freedom changed the U.S. Constitution and physically split our nation in two, the results were devastating. The change led to a new country being created inside the boundaries of the United States of America called the United Southern States of America. With the White House destroyed, one government set up residence at Camp David while the new nation established its capital in Nashville, Tennessee.Civil war between the two countries was beginning to rear its ugly head as the streets of the south turned into a war zone. Hatred prevailed everywhere. Both countries were losing control as basic services became non-existent. Collapse appeared imminent as Islamic terrorism added to the mayhem. Would this be the final nail in America’s coffin? Could the country recover from the disaster it brought upon itself? Could it rebuild itself into a nation that was truly for the people, by the people? With our hero’s hopes and dreams destroyed, could THE KING MAKER fight through his despair and find true love and happiness again?

Trilogy Encore: Ryan Stone Series


It’s the 25th anniversary of 9/11 and Islamic Terrorist Josef Al-Hakim’s recent EAST COAST drone attacks in Boston, Washington D.C., and at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center have left thousands dead and America in a panic. FBI Agent Ryan Stone, who failed to apprehend Al-Hakim at a Florida Mosque a few months ago, is being given one more chance to prove his worth to the Bureau. With his career on the line, he knows he must do whatever it takes to capture this madman. With the backing of the Syrian government, Josef Al-Hakim is now preparing to release dozens of high-tech drones that will cause a major bacterial OUTBREAK on the WESTERN portion of America. Will the country avert further disaster? Will Josef Al-Hakim finally be brought to justice? Can Ryan’s reputation be saved?



The Adventures of Sugar and Spice

This children's book is about Sugar and Spice, two cute Shi-Tzu dogs.  They are 7-year old twins (Brother and Sister).  They have lots of friends and get involved in lots of adventures.  Book-1 of the series involves their best friend Niki.  He's a snowbird and as the summer months approach in Florida, his mom takes him back home to Michigan.


Sugar and Spice don't understand where he went, and when they finally find out, they create a plan to go visit him.  Lessons are learned in this 48 page, large text, colorfully illustrated story of friendship, love and truthfulness.   Recommended ages 5 - 9



Ben Reinhart was born in 1943 in Brooklyn New York where he lived for the first half-a-dozen years of his life.  At seven, he moved with his parents to Southern California, living there until he was almost sixteen.  He returned to New York and graduated high school at seventeen at which time he immediately joined the Navy to see the world.  As part of his enlistment agreement, he was sent to meteorological training in Lakehurst, NJ. 

While in the Navy, he spent two years in Iceland as an upper-air analyst plotting and tracking upper winds, temperatures and the northern lights.  His reward for being in a land with six months day and six months night was to serve his final year in the Navy on board America's "Presidential Command ship", whose only purpose was to escort the POTUS out of the country in case of nuclear attack.  This was his first exposure to a high level government command center.


At the end of his four years in the Navy, he returned to New York and attended college at the Pace School of Business, under the G/I Bill, where he studied Computer Science and Business Accounting.  His technical and financial background landed him in Washington D.C. where he worked on the development of America's most ambitious online stock trading system, the NASDAQ. 


It was the early seventies and during that time, he also worked with a government team to automate a campaign contribution system for an up-and-coming presidential candidate who will not be named.  Ben eventually left this highly political, fast paced and demanding environment and moved his family to South Florida where he continued his information technology and accounting career.  Ben retired in 2016.  


That's  when he finally had the time to work on his second love, writing.  With the help of his writing team, he produced his first book, "The King Maker".  The reviews from this effort were extremely positive.  After only a month in the hands of the general public, he was hearing comments like "great read, relevant to today's world, this could happen here, a protagonist we can believe in, etc.".


The King Maker is the first book of a trilogy, created to examine the emotions of love, loyalty and trust.  The three-book story takes place over a six year period, and encompasses the good, bad and ugly of american politics.  His trilogy tells the story of politicians putting personal greed over the best interests of the american people.  It also explores how love between two people is the reason for living, and that it's worth dying for.




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